Services Provided

Individual Counselling Sessions

One-on-One Intensive (80 min)

This is a longer session for more in-depth individual counselling.  Perhaps you are experiencing a crisis, or maybe you just like to go deeper!  This is also the recommended (but not required) duration for initial therapy sessions.  It'll ensure we have enough time to gather history, get to know one another, and decide on next steps.

$180 +GST

One-on-One Counselling (50 min)

This is the typical choice for individuals wanting counselling.  Dealing with anxiety, depression, addiction, or personal issues?  This is likely the type of session length you're looking for.

Walk 'n Talk Therapy (50 min)

Try a more informal counselling style that is gaining in popularity.  Meet with me over a coffee or for a walk around town or in parks/trails while simultaneously working toward your goals!  This is a great way to stretch your legs during a break in your day while still having a productive, fun, therapy session.

*There may be implications for privacy, but this can usually be worked around.

** This option is typically weather dependent.  

Suggest a place to meet! 

$125 +GST

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Couples/Family Counselling Sessions

Couples/Marriage Counselling Session (50 min)

Are you looking for relationship help?  Maybe you are in one of those conflict zones that seems to have no solution?  Maybe you are just starting out and wanting to make sure you're on healthy footing.  With 20 years experience working with couples, I'm confident I can help!

$135 +GST

Intensive Couples/Family Counselling (80 min)

Is your relationship with your loved one or another family member in crisis?  Perhaps there's been an affair or another form of betrayal?  Longer sessions really do make a difference: 80 minutes is the recommended amount of time to ensure that everyone has a voice.

$185 +GST

Co-Parenting in Conflict and Divorce

Our children are our most prized jewels.  They are also those most vulnerable to the stressful changes and complexities of our lives.  You may have already experienced that the process of litigation is expensive and often makes things worse rather than better.  

Whether everybody is under one roof or three, let's make a plan together to agree on what is best for the kids.  I will partner with you in maintaining accountability and keeping on track

Starting at $190

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Online Counselling (Skype, Zoom)

Online (Phone/ Skype/Facetime/ Zoom,etc) Counselling Sessions (50 min)

Having a hard time leaving the house?  Stuck at the office?  Sometimes it simply makes more sense to do a session online.  I'm set up for Skype, Zoom, Messenger, and telephone sessions.


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